About the Product

How convenient would it be if there was an app that could get you your things right then and there. Vasco was founded a logistics app. You could login to the app and describe certain attributes of the package you want to move from one place to another. After entering the origin and the destination, your work would be done and the package would be delivered on the destination by an expert.

Vasco works on a higher algorithm that runs at the back end, that lets the users and the company to track the packages via GPS geo location. You will know exactly where your package is.

Vasco Lets you:

  • Register to the app and mention the item you want to be picked and delivered.
  • Mention the weight, value of the item and the origin and the destination.
  • Basis these values the app will show you an approx. cost involved for the transfer.
  • You can view the past orders and track the current order via geo location.
  • Get things delivered superfast!