About the Product

Gharkakhana is a revolutionary new way for bachelors to order home cooked meals. Simplistic in its nature, the app lets you set your preferences along with the time of the meal. The food will be delivered to the users on time. One can choose among different meal options and can further buy a subscription of various different features.

Poojasachdeva, a brilliant young mind, thought of this while in the kitchen cooking meals for herself and her room mate. The idea struck her when she realized that the bachelors living in gurgaon by the large number would surely not prefer going or ordering form a restaurant every now and then. Plus her skillful cooking abilities also helped. This app is sure to work as there are a large number of bachelors or even married working couples who do not have the time to cook but also want to experience home cooked food. We just automized it.

Gharkakhanalets you :

  • Registed via gmail and OTP
  • Browse through available meal options.
  • Opt for subscriptions basis on features.
  • Order instant meals.
  • Avail offers and coupons