About the Product

An app that was taylor made for the Australian restaurant’s business and the suppliers that deal with them. Eezee Order was the founder by Kalyan Irrukulla, a restaurant owner in Melbourne. He had been in the business long enough to know, that a product like Eezee Order was bound to ease the way the business run around there. With email integrated on every checkpoint and action and an effecting reporting system, this product is the best automation the suppliers and the restaurant owners could ask for.

Eezee Order lets resellers (Restaurants Owners):

  • Register their restaurants
  • Search suppliers online and add their products.
  • Order without hassle and save those orders for quick checkout later.
  • View special broadcast and offers.
  • Create sub user and allocate the exact suppliers who they will deal with.

Eezee Order lets suppliers :

  • Register their business.
  • Add their products onto the system.
  • Accept/reject orders from resellers.
  • Provide special or mass discounts to resellers.
  • Broadcast any special offers or messages.